To start and complete an email campaign manually, you would use your A.I. Control Panel for all your tasks.

However, creating email campaigns manually prevents you from having our A.I. create email lists for your campaigns monthly.

Manually starting and completing your email campaigns is suitable when you already have your email list created automatically using the New Project Request, or gathered from a secondary source outside the iNbox-iT database.

To create your email list automatically, and complete your email campaign manually with our A.I. Control Panel, follow the STEPS below:
1. Login to your account.
2. Click on Auto-Pilot Engine.
3. Complete the New Project Request form.
4. Click Start New Project Automatically, to complete the process.
5. Login to your A.I. C-Panel, and click on My List -> View All Lists, to see your new email list created by our A.I., which would gradually increase. You would also have new email lists created automatically every month by our A.I. and based on your segmentation.

Your monthly list would be created using the segmentation date you used for your most recent email campaign created automatically from the New Project Request form.

To change your segmentation, start a new email campaign at New Project Request.

6. At our A.I Control Panel, Click on My Campaigns -> View Scheduled Campaign, to view your automatically created email campaign. Click Pause or delete to stop the automated email campaign from running.
7. Start and complete your manual email campaign, using your automated email list, to complete the process. The process would continue on Auto-Pilot until your email list is exhausted.
8. For a complete tutorial on how to start and complete a manual email campaign, visit A.I. Control Panel Documentations at Tutorials.