To preview email messages before sending your messages with the New Project Request form, follow the STEPS below:

STEP 1: Login to the A.I. C-Panel with your credentials. This is different from the credentials for your account.

STEP 2: At the navigation, click on My Campaigns.

STEP 3: Click on View all Email Campaigns.

STEP 4: Click on Edit at the right side of the Email Campaign you want to preview.

STEP 5: When the Email Campaign page is opened, you would see your Email Message.

Click on the Preview Icon to Preview your Email Message. The Preview Icon is an EYE Icon, and it is the First Icon from the Right Side of the Webpage, in the Create HTML Content Box, at the Third Row of Options.

For a more detailed Tutorial/Documentation, visit 4.2-Preview Newly Created Campaign at A.I. Control Panel Documentations from Tutorials.