Article Marketing is more than an opportunity to coerce clicks. Article marketing also serves to ingrain your website into the (semi) impressionable minds of article readers and search engine users. Article marketing is a marketing strategy that is instinctively used to convince a reader that your website is worth visiting. A direct invitation to visit your website through an article you have submitted to article submission directories or social Bookmarking directories will likely increase your traffic for help visit However, even if a sudden stampede of website visitors doesn spawn from the articles you have submitted, your submitted articles will still contribute to an ever-evolving brand recognition.



When article marketing doesn bring you directly to your customer, it should at least bring you closer to your customer. Marketing statistics by COM Score showed that an ad placed on a webpage generates a 160% increase in brand awareness even if visitors do visit the ad. An article makes a significantly larger impression on a visitor than a small text ad.The mere presence of your article will make an impression on visitors. Logically, a larger impression of your website will be made if the reader reads your article, even if the reader does click on any link in the article your submitted. There is little doubt that when a visitor accesses your website through a link from an article you submitted that their impression of your website will be solidified to know more go to

Solidifying the impression of your website in the minds of your readers and non-readers through article submissions is a valuable tactic used in article marketing strategies. Article submissions are a long-term investment. The content that your article provides will not be relevant to all readers at the same time. But when a reader seeks your content the article (or articles) you submitted will be waiting for them. If you are a dentist you do wait to market your business until someone has a toothache. The likelihood of someone researching dentists before they need one is slim. Toothaches and user search queries come on suddenly.



If you want to catch the stampede and not be trampled you must be ready. Branding your website through article marketing and creating a presence on the web will breed familiarity with your website among website readers. Submitting articles to article directories and social Bookmarking websites is a small part of a successful article marketing strategy but it is a step that is necessary for future success. Your article marketing strategy should, at the very least, leave an impression of what industry you serve. It should also serve to leave an impression on viewers of who you are and how you can help them. Viewers will be more inclined to click on your website in the search engine result pages if they have become even remotely familiar with your website.

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