That’s where I was. I read all the marketing books, took lots of seminars about how to get clients, and book myself solid… but, even when I did attract a few more clients, I still looked on marketing as a bitter pill I had to swallow for my own good. Then I realized that as long as I had my own business (and I’d already decided I’d never go back to working for someone else), I’d be marketing! Why consign myself to constant misery?



It was time to change my way of thinking about marketing. How about you? Would you like to learn to market authentically, ethically, and effectively, and have a winning mindset about it? After all, why not truly enjoy the journey to success rather than waiting until you reach your goal to be happy? To successfully market your coaching services, start by making these four Simple Shifts in your mindset:

1. Shift from thinking like an altruistic caregiver to thinking like a caring business owner.

2. Shift from the mantra “I need clients” to “What do my clients want most?”

3. Shift from talking about abstract concepts to detailing tangible results.



4. Shift from trying to convince prospects to being detached from outcome. More than any single marketing technique or campaign, getting your mind in the right gear sets you up for success. The way we think about something is more than half the game. Most coaches try to market by thinking and talking like a coach and their marketing falls on deaf ears. Why not make marketing a friendly tool? Learn how to think like a marketer and speak the language your clients understand while letting your authentic voice shine.

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To your growing prosperity!

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