If you are interested in learning how to make money online then you should already have a few online business blogs that you are reading regularly.  99% of blogs will allow you to comment leaving your name website and a comment.  There are blogs out there which have the no follow attribute removed which means the links will help improve your search position.

These blogs are few and far between so if you find a blog which has the no follow removed I highly recommend becoming a regular reader and commenter on the blog.  Even though some of the blogs still have no follow if the blogger writes quality helpful posts it will still be beneficial to stick with the blog and comment frequently.  One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is understanding the importance of networking.

A single webmaster, blogger, or online business owner who refuses to work with anyone else will go absolutely nowhere in the online business world.  To become a success online making connections with powerful people in your niche is key and bloggers should definitely not be overlooked.

First blog commenting can potentially bring in powerful links which can lead to higher search engine position.  If they also have massive amounts of traffic commenting on popular posts can bring in free website traffic.  Commenting on blogs in your niche will mean the traffic you get from the blogs will also be targeted. Finding do follow blogs is actually quite difficult.  There are some directories and search engines out on the web which specifically deal with do follow blogs, but you will find the selection minimal in most cases.

Even if you find a blog which is do follow they commonly go no follow because of the amount of spam.  The best bet is going with a do follow blog that has been around for a couple years and has a decent amount of traffic.  This will ensure that the webmaster understands the spam levels and has continued to provide the no follow removed from their blog.  The second type of blog commenting is using  blog comments in an attempt to build a relationship with the blogger.  If you are successful and build a professional relationship with the blogger it will be possible to work out some types of cross promotion.

One goal you may be interested in if you are a decent writer is becoming a regular guest poster on their blog.  This will allow you to introduce yourself to their audience which could be only a few people up to a couple hundred thousand people depending on the popularity of the blog. Another possible cross promotion the blogger may be interested in is a link exchange or three way link exchange depending on the number of presences you have at your disposal.  There are many ways working with a blogger can potentially be beneficial to your internet marketing campaign you just need to be creative with your approach.

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My name is Kris Beus blogger of this Online Business Blog and webmaster of Paid Surveys.