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The Click Through Rate (CTR) of email marketing campaigns has the potential to reach 4 billion people. Yet, the standard CTR for most companies or ads is typically only 2%…

What are the reasons for such a low rate and why aren’t businesses receiving the conversions they should?

It’s possible that you are targeting the wrong audience for your business.

iNbox-iT is the solution you need to surmount your marketing challenges!

iNbox-iT is a digital marketing platform – intelligently integrated with AI and auto pilot to extend your brand to potential customers. Create your niche specific ad campaign, and our system will take care of the rest so that you can boost views, sales, and CTR.

Allow us to showcase some salient features of our platform:

  • Reach potential customers on auto-pilot.

  • 1.9 Billion+ email records in our database for our A.I. engine to analyze and select from, for your campaigns.

  • Intelligently Send Personalized Emails To Your Target Audience Using Artificial Intelligence & Automation.

  • Design your own Smart Direct Inbox email marketing campaign.

  • Choose from thousands of templates and sales letters.

  • Manage/oversee your control panel, subscribers, and campaigns.

  • Access to analytics, demographics, and statistics.


It’s all gain when it comes to iNbox-iT’s automation… Why not start your free trial today?

That’s right, iNbox-it is now offering a free trial on signup! Signup with our free package by visiting our website, downloading our app, or scanning the QR code!



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