With pay per click (PPC) advertising, advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked on. Target markets are reached through search engine keyword searches, and prices are generally based on the keyword list, as well as the competition for a particular keyword.

This form of internet marketing is a highly cost-effective way to get your message to consumers, provided that it is done right. What is PPC Internet Marketing?

PPC Online Marketing is a $1.1 billion dollar industry and is growing at a rate of 13 percent per quarter. PPC advertisements are generally based on a keyword search using search engines to reach consumers. Advertisers pay only when a client clicks on the ad and visits the advertisers’ website. There is a minimum cost per click, and keyword pricing may be based upon the competition for that keyword or phrase.

The resulting advertisement will then appear adjacent to relevant search engine results. How to Use PPC in Internet Marketing PPC internet marketing can be used to launch a new website or to help increase traffic to an existing website. It is fast and easy, and works to help search engine optimization.

Ads can be set to fit within a specific budget, geographically targeted area, or industry, and results can be tracked. Advertising campaigns can also be easily changed and tweaked to determine what words or banners are most effective for driving traffic to the advertisers’ web site.

PPC Pricing Models PPC pricing may be based on a percentage of the revenue from an advertisement, or it may be based on the percent of ad spent. Because many consumers visit a site more than once before making a purchase, tracking can sometimes be difficult.

Therefore, percent of ad spending lets companies pay a flat rate fee that fits within their budget. Ads can be changed quickly to help make them more effective, and advertisers can control the amount of advertising dollars spent each day by setting up a designated price they are willing to
spend per day on clicks.

Click Fraud in Internet Marketing One of the drawbacks to PPC internet marketing is the potential for click fraud. It is estimated that 20% of PPCs are fraudulent clicks. Software programs can be set to automatically click the advertisement, making ad campaign appear more effective. Some companies also hire workers to click on banner ads, which results in the advertiser having to pay for ads that do not reach his/her target market.



However, there are programs currently available to help prevent click fraud from happening.PPC internet marketing is one of the top marketing tactics for companies wanting to establish an online presence. For those looking for assistance locally, many Boston SEO companies can help with your online marketing efforts. They can also help to determining the best keywords to reach your target market, and can design advertisements that will be more effective.

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