In short, viral marketing is any sort of marketing which, once implemented, multiplies on its own. Think virus and you are half way there. At the end of this article you will find a link to a more detailed explanation of viral marketing. For now, we will illustrate the meaning with examples.

The Most Simple Viral Marketing – Hotmail. Hotmail is big. Hotmail is successful.

According to “A Little Blog” (, “If connected hand-to-hand, the 190 million MSN Hotmail members would circle the Earth at the equator over five and a half times.” Yes, Hotmail is rather big indeed.

Hotmail’s initial success was due to, you guessed it, viral marketing.

I’m sure you have, at least once, received an email from a Hotmail member. What was at the end of that email? Something along the lines of “Sign up for your free Hotmail account”, right? Have you ever received a funny joke or a thoughtful, heart-string tugging poem which was forwarded onto you from a friend? What was at the end of the email? “Sign up for a free Hotmail account.” This is the simplest and, in a way, the most ingenious form of viral marketing.

Possible the Most Profitable Viral Marketing Example – Ebooks. This is a classic example of viral marketing. It is all based on quality. You write a quality eBook and offer it for free to your visitors. Clearly state that your visitor is free to pass it on to his or her friends and family. You can take it one step further and even state that your visitor can offer your eBook for free from their own website, providing they make no change to the content. Writing an eBook can be time consuming, especially if you really want to create something of value. It is, however, time very well spent because aside from creating an effective viral marketing system, you can also turn it into a fountain of residual income. To do so, you simply include plenty of affiliate links within your eBook. Year to year, your income will increase as your eBook gets passed around from friend to friend.

The Most Common Viral Marketing Example- Article Marketing. The process of article marketing works in the following way; you write an interesting and informative article. You then submit the article to a number of article submission sites. With each article, you write an “About the Author” section which will contain a link pointing to your own website. In theory, your article will then get picked up and used by other webmasters who will then use your article on their site, along with the link to your website. To read more about this topic, click the following link: “The Power of Article Submission”. To read the funniest example of viral marketing, click on the following link to read the above article in its complete form: “Viral Marketing Example.”

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