With the arrivals of smartphones and tablets, the significance of app marketing has been increasing. However, many developers deploy common SEO tactics or use SEO teams for marketing their apps. One must accept that some of the SEOs know the nuances involved in the app marketing, but many SEOs handle it in a way they handle the Internet marketing or search engine optimization.

App marketing hugely differs from SEO in many key areas as it has an additional dimension to it. If a marketer fails to recognize the difference, he might never understand the process and his campaigns would end in producing disastrous results. I think this article would help online marketers in this area.

Success is based on downloads: The main objectives of SEO’s are making the surfers to visit the site and they don’t have to bother about other things associated with it – like whether the visitors are clicking the ad or buying a service or the products from the website. The site owners need to take care of these things. So, the whole objective of Internet marketing is popularizing a website and driving traffic to it.

However, an application marketer can’t afford to think that his job stops with popularizing a mobile app. As his efficiency will be calculated on the basis of its success, he needs to generate downloads for the app. Therefore, an application marketer needs to make people visit the App Store or the Android Market page and also make people download the app. That will be a real challenge an Internet marketer would never encounter in his campaigns.

Dealing with real people: As the name suggests search engine optimization is all about dealing with search engines. However, an application marketer needs to deal with real people, so it is not all about placing links and increasing the page rank. An application marketer needs to contact app review sites or app reviewers in Twitter and Facebook and convince them to write review for his app. He should also contact guest blogging sites and promote the app through the blog posts.

Directory submission is never enough: Some people approach application marketing like search engine optimization and stops with directory submissions and forum postings. Placing the app screenshots and the description in an app directory would never generate downloads for the app. When people want to download a particular app they are going to search for it in the search engines and the app directory page might creep up there. But, how can it boost the download for the app?

When compared with App Marketing, the process of SEO is a bit more mechanical.  App marketing needs thinking to do all the smart work. It has no readymade formula for success and an app marketer has to workout all possible ways to gain downloads for the app he promote.

The differences listed by me may look like petty things, but these few things are going to make all the difference when you look to promote your app. ThereforeArticle Search, if you want success in your app marketing campaign find a good app marketer now.

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