The current state of your business is a direct reflection of your thoughts and feelings around marketing. Intention-Based Marketing is an innovative approach to successful marketing that focuses your intentions to attract more clients and abundance.

Marketing takes place in the mind. The state of your business is a direct reflection of the thoughts and feelings you have around marketing.

Intention-Based Marketing is an innovative marketing model based on 7 principles that guide your intentions, knowing your desired results already exists. This lets of a lot of fear, avoidance, and ickiness associated with marketing.

These 7 principles align your focus and attention with your intention, allowing you to market from a higher consciousness.

1.      Energy

Your thoughts create energy. What are your thoughts around marketing and selling? If you’re uncertain about your value, if you’re unclear about your target audience, if you get that icky feeling when you think about marketing – that’s the energy that comes across in your marketing.

2.      Desire

What do you really want? If you don’t know what you want, how do you know what to work for? Go deep. And no, it’s not money. Money is only a tool to assist in gaining what you truly desire. What does money represent to you? What is your gift to the world?

3.      Release

Now that you know what you want, you have to release it. Yup, you heard me. You have to let it go. The external things only represent what we really want. We have no way of knowing the physical things we will get. So you have to let that vision go. Go back to what those things represent? Now, act as though you already have it. This helps eliminate that sense of ickiness and desperation and gives you a sense of control.

4.      Potential

How comfortable are you with your full potential? Really? Most of us aren’t. And whether we realize it or not, we resist our true power. In order to reach your full potential you must practice flexibility, persistence, and resilience.

There’s another aspect of potential. That’s money. We get into coaching because want to help others. You may feel weird about receiving or asking for money. You may think, “People with money are greedy or stuck up,” “Poverty is a virtue,” or “I can’t ask for money because I’m not worth that much.”

We have to be comfortable with the flow of money, both in and out. Interrupting the flow creates obstacles, and blocks what you want coming to you.

Be absolutely comfortable with your full potentiality.

Wait a minute. Aren’t we talking about marketing? Everything we have discussed so far has been internal and not about reaching out and attracting clients.

Well, since we have centered our energy, determined our true desires and act as though we have them, are comfortable being all we can be and being well compensated for it, now we can move onto reaching out and sharing what you have to offer.

5.      Simplicity

We tend to over think and over complicate things. You may believe you have to do it all or you’re not doing it right. Or, you may be missing an opportunity if you don’t do everything you can, and then some.

The need to overcomplicate is actually fear that adds more obstacles to the flow.

Narrowing down, focusing, and prioritizing clears and opens channels of opportunity. Whether that be narrowing down your niche, focusing your marketing on 3 specific activities consistently or prioritizing your daily routine adding only the tasks that get you to where you want to be and letting go of the rest.

6.      Give

Keeping Universal flow going requires not only receiving freely, but also giving freely. A lot of fears come up with this one. “I’m giving myself away.” “They’ll take what I’ve created and use it for themselves.” “I’m not getting anything from them why should I waste my time?”

Once again, these interrupt flow. But, more importantly, having these thoughts affects the overall energy you put out. And people feel it!

Yes, there are probably people out there who are going to take advantage of you. Are going to take whatever you offer and never give you credit or refer anyone to you. Do you want to let the actions of a few stop you from being who you truly are and freely sharing that?

Respect your time and your wisdom. But, information is completely free. You can find just about anything on the internet. So why not be a resource and give your information away?

7.      Greater Why

Your Greater Why is the last element of Intention-Based Marketing. And it permeates every other step. This is why you do what you do. Your purpose message. Your Greater Why is where your strengths and passions meet the needs of the world. This gives you the passion and motivation to go out there every day and face your fears, face rejection, face the hard times in growing your business and say – “Yup! This is why I’m doing all of this.”

Once you understand Your Greater Why, you will have the focused intention on helping the greater good, on putting yourself out there, on creating the energy of helping others and through that you are helping yourself.

I know, I know. This may all seem really fluffy stuff. You may be saying, “Yeah lady, in a perfect world everything would be like this. But we don’t live in a perfect world. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in this economy.”

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