One of the most fundamental principles of online marketing surrounds the actual layout and design of your website. As obvious as it sounds it is important that your website is easy to use, is clearly laid out with transparent commands of how to place an order and ultimately create sales for your business. It is also important that while your site must convey good professional branding and overall design, that it also doesn’t stray too much in terms of including overly complicated images which may detract from the overall purpose of the site and complicates the way in which both users and administrators use or update the site. In terms of keeping your site credible and desirable to search engines it is also important to regularly update your site with new content, products and articles.

Search Engine Optimization is a key principle in Online Marketing and is the main tool with will ensure that your site is recognized by search engines and giving your site a great chance of being viewed. The basic principle of SEO is to research the most relevant key words users search on in order to locate sites that provide your product or service. Once you have identified these keywords and phrases it is then important that you use them in the headlines and descriptions of each page of your site as well as in the copy on your site. To bolster this, you should also make sure that you create keyword internal links to other pages on your website.

The third basic way in which you can increase your sites visibility is by engaging in some Internet Marketing through article writing. Submitting well written, good quality articles relating to your own business to article directory sites can help to build up a bank of external links back to your own website. To maximize the effect of link buildingComputer Technology Articles, it is important that you target article submission sites with a good page ranking to ensure that your article doesn’t merely disappear off in to the ether and negate any positive traffic to your site.

Hopefully this has given you some basic pointers in how to broach online marketing. Of course online marketing is a very broad subject but by making use of some basic processes and tools you will hopefully begin to get an idea of what is possible.

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