One-to-One Branding System

We are currently living in a media-saturated market. Consumers are fed everyday with an overload of information on different products available in the market today. The rapid influx of innumerable facts, figures and details would naturally confuse and disorient consumers rather than enticing them to buy a certain product.

In view of the s tiff competition ensued by warring companies, there are some consumers who have developed a rather highly discerning taste. Most of them have been past victims of false promises and extreme media exaggerations that made them become more wary. Their cynicism have made it hard for companies to convince to them purchase despite a number of different marketing ploy.

However, there is a new marketing strategy today called one-to-one branding system, which is proven to be more effective. And why not? People choose to believe their close friends and relatives rather than place their bets on the misleading campaigns that are usually seen in television. With the one-to-one branding technique, the attributes of a certain product are passed on from one person to another by word of mouth. A product endorsed by a close friend or a trusted family relative apparently holds more weight that the glossy images of celebrities espousing the virtues of a product.

One-to-one branding is not only effective and efficient way of disseminating crucial product information it definitely costs less that other marketing and advertising campaigns in television, print and radio. This is especially true in the entertainment industry, particularly in motion pictures. Pre –screenings are usually organized to allow a selected number of highly influential viewers to view the movie in full. This will not only build the much-anticipated buzz, these people would be able to convince their friends and relatives to watch that movie.

One-to-one branding is basically based upon the concept of influencing the influencer. People will pay more heed in the endorsements of their trusted circle of friends rather than be bowled over by the contrived and artificial endorsement or approval of a certain product by a too good to be true model. Nowadays, people have learned a lot from the countless frustrating experiences they had from deceptive advertising schemes.

This is yet one of the new developments in the world of business and marketing. Companies who are sensitive to the shift of priorities and buying behavior of consumers will clearly realize it takes a lot more to convince them to buy a product. Marketing gurus will now have another challenge ahead of them on how to effectively reach out to their own market niches.
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