There is no competition as tough as the online business rivalry. With the endless innovative means to outgrow each other, companies virtually explore all marketing strategies. Viral marketing is another online marketing technique to stay on the lead. Viral marketing like email marketing is the counterpart of word of mouth referral online. A person passes on the list or information to another person and so on.

Tell a Friend Script

Because viral marketing works by word of mouth, online businesses have them in their landing page. Websites visitors can click on the link and refer a friends email address. By referring a friend, you actually lead the company to another possible subscriber and as a result, they increase their email list. All you have to do is enter somebody’s email address to their form. The site automatically sends either a computer generated letter or you can compose the letter on your own describing how the site can be useful for them.

Answering a Survey Form

Some viral marketing strategies are tricky. Website operators require you to answer a set of questions and before you can get the results or interpretation of the survey or questionnaire, you have to sign up with them or refer them to a number of friends. When the friend signs up, the process continues and the information spreads like a virus and they increase their email list instantly. The challenge with this technique is to recruit people to start the spread. The more people you recruit, the faster the spread of the virus.

Giving Incentives

One of the easiest ways to spread the virus is to pay people for every lead they make. Companies offer incentives, bonuses or discounts when a visitor helps in spreading the information to others. The most common incentive is the viral e-book. The free e-book bears your name and company information. The key to keep the virus spreading is to make the eBook as informative and relevant as possible to your niche. Although it is an expensive way, it is still very effective.  Anyway, this serves as your treat for your visitors who send their friends email to increase your list.

People and computers alike hate virus. They kill people or the operating system of the computer. But this is the virus that kills your business if you do not grab it. Viral marketing is one of the most effective means of being in the lead. With viral marketing, you let your subscribers work for you to keep your email list huge.

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