In a world of cluttered email inboxes, promotional material has become an even harder sell through the email medium. This article highlights seven top tips for increasing your email marketing efficiency.

It is certainly safe to say that emails make up a large portion of the way we communicate today. On a daily basis I personally receive in excess of forty emails. Many of these pertain to the business of my day, though some are from friends, and of course a portion are from my online subscriptions. With such a barrage of material on my digital doorstep every day, it would seem difficult for an email marketer to penetrate through the clutter,
and indeed it is. But as a consumer and marketer myself I have devised a few techniques that should help you stand out and ultimately boost your conversion rates.

1)   Relevancy

This is straightforward, but crucial to the emails conversion. Know before you send your email what you aim to achieve, and identify which consumers should be targeted. A consumer who receives a relevant email will likely open it. Some relevant factors are: name recognition, organization affiliations, and requested content.

2)   Meaningful Contact Name

Users will scan the From column to identify important emails. As soon as that user comes across [email protected] the likelihood of that email being read will dramatically decrease. Instead if it was listed from [email protected] the email takes on a human form. Personalization is key and immediately presents a more appealing prospect.

3)   Subject Line Content

Keep your subject line at around 60 characters. Yes, more characters improves relevancy, but users respond better to shorter subject lines. Also, at over 60 characters, you run the risk of your subject line being clipped by the readers email client. Therefore, it is a balance that one must strike. In terms of content make sure the first few words say what needs to be said, and are as direct as possible.

4)   Utilize the Email Space

Emails differ from direct mail in so many ways exploit this and use the benefits of the medium. Make sure there are interactive links to related material and that there are amusing or interesting videos embedded within. This will extend the amount of time a user interacts with your email, and increase the likelihood of the email being shared.

5)   Keep Them In the Loop

Use your company’s progress as an opportunity to engage in conversation. Communicate what is going on. Use visuals that show that, with their help a goal can be reached or having already received their help, show what has been achieved.

6)   Know Your Calendar

Be aware of the holiday seasons, and know what sort of mindset you consumer may be in. If it is a Gift day, take advantage. How could Valentines Day or Mothers Day relate to your company’s goal? Or even if there is no direct correlation, a simple mention of the holiday in your subject line makes your email all the more relevant.

7)   Strike at the Right Time Never send your emails over the weekend they are rarely checked at this time, and will have little resonance. Also try to avoid sending your emails on Mondays or Fridays. At the start of the week, users will have a backlog of emails and, as such, marketing mail will be at the bottom of their priority list. On a Friday Science ArticlesFind Article, most users will be checking out for the weekend. Thus the optimal time
for a marketing email is midweek.

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