An opt in email marketing service is a boon to marketers across the world, irrespective of the domain they operate in, for the simple reason that it ensures emails get delivered to the inbox, and there is a better chance of their objective being fulfilled.

If one were to think of the perfect way to ensure the desired business objectives in terms of making sales were being met, an opt in email marketing service is the perfect manner to get there. The first reason why it is so effective is because it’s safe, i.e., it ensures that the message does not get delivered in the spam or junk folder, since the recipient has opted to receive the email message in question. Also, the fact that the email message is going to people who have expressed their interest in receiving such messages, means that they would also be the ones who are very likely to buy. So, instead of just shooting mails to random prospects, one is sending mails to people who know about the brand and therefore, have higher tendency to buy.

However, in order to get the opt in email marketing service to work properly, it’s important to have an opt in list, which can be ensured by following the following steps:

Website design: The home page must be designed in a manner that inspires an opt in action. In simple words, one should ideally place the opt in form near the header or footer of the home page, so that there is better visibility when a visitor scrolls through.

Placement: The opt in form can, and should be, placed at practically every page, so that the visitor always has the choice to fill in details. This is not so much about forcing it upon him/her, as it is about providing convenience. So, it should be ensured that the placement does not get too overpowering.

Regularity in emails: It’s very important to ensure that the opt in email marketing service is utilized in the best possible mannerArticle Submission, by sending an email on a regular basis.

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