Omnichannel lets you connect with your users on a more personalized level across touchpoints across channels or devices. Know how that impacts your marketing ROI in our article


Marketing and technology go hand in hand in today’s consumer-first world. Since effective marketing deals with a massive amount of consumer data, including their online behavior, technology becomes a medium for tapping into this huge pool of information. Therefore, your marketing strategies become quite dependent on the capabilities of the technological platform you are using.

The modern marketing is also dependant on another factor – marketing channels or touchpoints that your users are more likely to use for engaging with your communications. These touchpoints are crucial in understanding the online activities of users and tell you about the type of products or even the type of communications they would be interested in.

Hence, you need a plan that binds these two factors together and provides you a complete roadmap for getting engagement as well as conversions from your marketing efforts. One of the most efficient ways to do it is through Omnichannel marketing, and having a platform that enables you to have a versatile strategy across devices and channels could be the turning point of your marketing activities.

Omnichannel Marketing – The One platform to do it all

When you are looking for an efficient omnichannel marketing platform, you must check for a few mandatory features. These include the availability of segmentation, personalization, scheduling, scalability, and overall cost impact on the marketing budget. Also, you should look for certain associated features such as data collection methods, marketing channel supported, and cross-channel communication support. Finally, you should check whether the platform lets you navigate and operate it with convenience, and analyze and use the data collected in an intelligent manner through automation. However, you would still need different platforms to run campaigns if you are looking to drive campaigns on both CRM and programmatic advertising platforms.

As you will find that most of the omnichannel platforms would have almost all the features for you to leverage and stay competitive with your competitors. However, if you are looking for something more that would let you beat the competition altogether, you must look for certain marketing platforms that have a few unique features.

The unique features I am speaking about are advanced real-time segmentation based on real-time user online activities and past behavior, highly engaging carousal notifications, product labels defining the social validation of products, multi-language and geo support, and finally a commonplace to merge your programmatic and CRM marketing. Having these features would allow you to create more high-intent user personas and target them with engaging communications. Also, you can simultaneously use programmatic and CRM channels to create user journeys, avoid repetitive communications, reduce marketing channel cannibalizing, sync user data better, and drive meaningful conversions. You would also be able to calculate your marketing ROI based on the advertising and marketing spend, as well as leverage the power of AI to schedule and run campaigns with these platforms.

Final Words

Omnichannel marketing platforms can revolutionize your marketing strategiesComputer Technology Articles, but only if you choose the right one. It would give you more time and convenience to create compelling marketing campaigns and generate a better marketing ROI without burning a hole in your pockets.

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