It is a myth that all multi-level marketing companies and pyramid scheme are executed to con people. Business is an unpredictable concept and losses are a part of the game. One wrong decision and your life saving can be lost within a minute. With recession prevalent in every corner of the world, people have been seeking alternative jobs to support their survival. It is evident that there is a dearth of employment and coping with inflation has been difficult. There are enterprises like multi-level marketing companies that have overcome the economic debacle however false scams like the Qnet fraud have been making people sceptic.

Multi-level marketing companies and Pyramid scheme are entirely different concepts. Pyramid schemes require an employee to recommend other people, only then he or she earns compensation. While multi-level marketing strategies work like any other business organization, only if you work you earn remuneration. In a multi-level marketing set-up employees are trained to be marketing professionals. Since a marketing background is not required, people from all walks of life want to be a part of this set up. Companies like Qnet train the employees and teach them the ropes of the industry. Only when the employees meet the requirement of the company, they are given a personal website. The website has to be manned, managed and handled by the employees. The products displayed have to be sold and the salary is calculated based on every sale. Scams like the Qnet fraud was the result of failed salesmanship.

Multi-level marketing strategies are fairly designed as per industry standards. These companies have been sustaining the economy of the country for years. Small time businessmen have become fully fledged entrepreneurs because of such companies. Materialization of an idea requires capital and manpower. A financial institution has set benchmarks for innovation and invention. Ideas conforming to these standards are supported by the institutions while a concept that is difficult to sell is shunned. In such a scenario multi-level organizations are a last resort to the entrepreneurial minds.  Multi-level marketing companies give individuals a chance to own something of their own. Apart from false scams like the Qnet fraud, multi-level marketing companies have not been hit by any economic debacle.  Companies implementing and executing multi-level marketing strategies and plans are the only enterprises that have been playing it safe and yielding profits in this era of recession.

People have found these companies an advantageous and profitable alternative. Individuals have been able to survive the never ending recession and the inflating prices with the help of these said enterprises. Some have been dissatisfied with the outcome and the result, thus have chosen to interpret their annoyance through false accusations and the blame game. Scams like the Qnet fraud have been a common piece of news in the business world. Therefore it is fine to overlook these incidents and go ahead with the investment. Carrying out a small research, while planning your future with multi-level marketing company is indeed a wise and smart move.

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