Marketing is an age-old strategy used by businesses to increase sales. Marketing methods range from traditional advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads to web marketing, pay-per-click and banner ads. The traditional methods of marketing are still effective and businesses are using direct mailing services to get the most out of this opportunity.

As societies and economies evolve, new buyers appear on the scene. Businesses need to engage the interest of these customers and leverage their buying power for profit. At the same time, they need to keep existing customers hooked by making them appealing offers. Direct mails is an effective marketing tool to advertise your offers, products and services to customers.

This article discusses the points you should keep in mind to avoid making the mistakes many businesses make with direct mail and its providers.

Underestimating the impact of direct mails

Most businesses do not comprehend the true worth of direct mails. In the age of banner ads, they are more focused on the mailing cost per piece, rather than its quality. If you are hiring a direct mailing provider, you need to consider the quality of the list even if the list is slightly more expensive. An effective mailing has the potential to bring about a purchase of thousands of dollars when it reaches the right customer.

Including a personal letter

Direct mails such as brochures, postcards or self-mailers are not as personal as letters. A personal letter that addresses customers by their first name should always accompany the mailing. This makes customers feel they are being addressed by the business directly.

Making an irresistible offer

The ultimate aim of the mail advertisement is to get customers to look at your products and services. The mailing should include an offer that compels the customer into perusing the complete mail. It is a means to more dollars and it should advertise your goods effectively.

Using words effectively

Words like “new”, “sale”, “discount”, and “free” have a positive effect on customer spending. The mailing should use these words in its sale campaign. The language should be simple and direct. A call to action should be included, preferably with a deadline to make it more urgent. The direct mail is intended to drive the customer towards an action that will lead to a sale for the business.

Avoiding distracting visuals

It is alright to include attractive visuals in the direct mail, but not so much that they detract the customer from the sales offer. The space in the mail is a costly investment. It should be used to highlight the benefits of the product or service, and other details that make the offer more appealing to customers.

Measuring the returns

It is important to measure the results of using direct mails. Track the responses, and the sales generated from customers who got the information through direct mailing. This way you can assess its value to your business.

There are many forms of direct mails and each may have different efficacy rates depending upon your business and customers. You should experiment with different mail forms to see what works best for you. Also, consider the target audience, time of year, term of customer relationships, and other factors that influence sales.

Keep these guidelines in mind to get the most out of your mailings. You will realize their true worth as a marketing tool only if you use them strategically and wisely.

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