Advertising on Facebook is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing now available.

Unfortunately, many people approach it in a way that loses rather than makes them money. They then reject Facebook advertising as a source of new leads and customers. This also means they lose out on revenue that’s otherwise sitting there waiting for them to take advantage of.

But with a slight shift in approach, they could run ads with a positive ROI (Return on Investment). By doing so, they can claim a new and often very profitable revenue stream for their business.

Here’s How To Make It Advertising On Facebook Work …

It all starts with your Facebook Page, or fan page.

Your fan page needs to be updated regularly with new content. This keeps it fresh and alive, enhances your business’s credibility, and connects with your audience.

In terms of advertising, truth is, it’s difficult to advertise on Facebook effectively for the long term without ensuring your fan page is regularly updated.

It’s been designed to work like that.

Facebook doesn’t just want a bunch of advertisers. They need those advertisers to be posting other content too. Otherwise they lose their user base and their whole business model starts to fall apart. Facebook users will simply go elsewhere to find content that interests them.

You start by running ads for the fan page itself.

(You’ll see how this ties in with running external ads soon. In other words, ads that link to your own web site for example.)

Here’s how it works …

Start A ‘Like’ Campaign For Your Page

Start by running a campaign for people on Facebook to Like your fan page.

Why do you need people to Like your page?

It means:

In terms of social proof, think about this.

Which one of the following types of business would you be more likely to purchase from or want to connect with?

Obviously, most would pick the latter. All that social proof gives it far more credibility and trustworthiness.

Likes can also have a direct impact on sales and thereby your levels of profitability. Like it or not (excuse the pun), the Likes on your page have a direct impact on your sales conversion rates.

Furthermore, Likes positively impact your ad click-through rates. This makes advertising on Facebook more cost effective and profitable over time. Here’s how:

So you have your Like campaign up and running. This rewards you with a growing community of fans. These are all prospects who have raised their hand and said they’re interested in what you do.

You now have a couple of key advantages when you start advertising your business directly on Facebook.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of starting with an effective Like campaign when you begin advertising on Facebook. To ensure this is effective, as described above, this goes hand in had with regular updates on your fan page.

Start ‘tagging’ people who purchase from you and identify them as buyers. You do this by putting some Facebook conversion tracking code on your site.

This basically tells Facebook who has purchased from you. You can then ask Facebook, once again, to find you a lookalike audience who you can advertise to.

This has the potential to be incredibly powerful and valuable for your business. The more buyers you have ‘tagged’ in this way, the more effective and accurate the process becomes. Over time, your ads become increasingly targeted, cost-effective and profitable.

As you can see, by using Facebook advertising, finding a market for your business consisting of interested prospects and potential buyers becomes a largely automated process. When approached in the way described hereFeature Articles, it can be very profitable.

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