When talking about marketing, advertising…content is the everything, everywhere. Contents are messages that created for and delivered to audience (especailly a targeted one). In digital marketing, a content have a vary significant role not only to acquire a sales and so profits…But also to make a long-lasting Brand image in market. As content being created uniquely, most companies can differntiate own brand from the other competitiors. So here’s all article is about, discussion the importance and the need for this creative marketing.

Content marketing is the widely used concept of marketing not only because it takes less financial investments than the traditional ones. But also because it’s highly effective and measurable than TV commercials, banners and hoardings.

Contents that are in the digital form such as Blogs, articles, ebooks, images, infographics, videos also online webinars, etc. served the brand message to the targeted audience.

Content marketing defined as..

Creative Advertising: Ideas For A Creative Approach To Marketing

A process to create digital contents, for targeted audience, with the aim to provide information, solutions, guidance, suggestions for direct readers to certain actions that engage them with the brand and products.

In short Content marketing involves these elements…

While in traditional marketing, companies fight over how better services they provide and try to attract the customers by lowering the price and through an old medium and finally complaining about that customer preference has been changed.

Indeed customer preference has been changed over the time, they agree but simply don’t feel like they need to change accordingly. They think only low price and other perks…are something that consumer market want.

Customers are now becoming smart every day, they have access to the internet. Before going to the showroom and buy the product is now the result of the satisfaction they feel while going through your website product contents.

Shopper has no idea how many times a customer came to their website and look for the products and services they seek and analyze the contents before making a final decision.

Customers nowadays don’t just look at what are you serving them, they also look for the way you serving them.

And that’s the reason most brands are taking content marketing seriously in their marketing campaigns. As customers are more brand conscious and prefer information quality.

The market is full of competition, and in that, a brand can differentiate only with the unique way of marketing message delivery. Content marketing is a creative way of advertising.

Reasons why a marketer should take content marketing seriously

Every online search that happens on google has a specific purpose, a need. Apart from the educational searches, there are transactional and navigational searches happen indicating searcher’s buying intent and concern for the Brand.

Take that as process. At the first stage, an individual with a certain need to look for the information. Information to know about something including subject, topic, person, products, services and all.

Marketers need to create content to provide information and something that educate them.

Next stage, when searches happen with the transactional keyword that showing the intent of buying. This is the stage where potential buyers need something and looking for better options for that.

Product-specific contents or marketing contents are the need at this stage, that inform potential customers how your products will be beneficial to them.

Navigational searches happen when searchers clearly know where they get the information and products of their interest. Searches with Brand keyword and certain product URL name indicate that searchers have already bought or know exactly what they need.

The job for marketers is to create content considering every search intent. The contents with certain goals and targeting specific audience groups perform well compared to the one with no such specification.

Just like types of searches, content marketers need to create content for Information contents, Marketing(Persuasive) contents or Brand contents to serve each type of the queries.

This is a competitive environment, but the business with quality can win the competition. Quality in terms of information or services they provide.

Content marketing is a game-changer, when a company implements this innovative marketing platform apart from traditional marketing message and medium. As content marketing is a measurableHealth Fitness Articles, creative and customized way of delivering the Brand message…it’s always preferable to shift on this creative marketing approach.

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