The Enlyten domain was originally registered in January of 2006 and the registrar contacts are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Henry Penix is the President of this organization. The companies motto is simple. To help its distributors achieve a better quality of life. Their prelaunch resulted in 3500 people joining. They paid out nearly $2,000,000 in commissions within their first 105 days of business according to Henry Penix. Their Medical Advisory Council consists of a team of physicians from various fields of expertise, that review and answer questions about the Enlyten current products, and work closely with scientists from the manufacturer they use to create products that are safe, sound and make that customer happy.

They also work with Aid Management, which is a charity that provides a better life for more than 500,000 children. They currently offer 7 products. The product line is contained of “strips” which come in “cassettes”. This is one idiosyncrasy that all their products have in common. As of the time of this writing, each pack costs $40.00, although the amount of Strips and Cassettes per pack vary depending on the product you purchase. One of their products is AntiOxidant Strips. These are supposed to neutralize free radicals that can proliferate in your system and assist in the anti aging process, as well as help with healthy bones and organs.

The company also offers Electrolytes Plus Strips which are made to be taken before workouts, and are supposed to replace the electrolytes in your body prior to exercise, regulate hydration and help you achieve peak muscle and nerve function. Another product Enlyten offers are their Melatonin Strips which help reduce mental and physical stress as well as promote a night of sound sleep. They also offer Appetite Suppressant Strips which helps curb your appetite and help you manage your weight. Their Calorie Burner Strips will help to speed up your metabolism which is also an aid in losing weight.

Finally they offer FIX Recovery Strips which act as a post workout recovery aid. I must say that these products could help, but only if you are on a consistent exercise regimen. I personally work out at least 2 times per week. I try to make it 4x a week but sometimes I get so busy I can only make it 2-3 times.

The point is I wouldn’t recommend anything like this unless you supplement it with a good diet and exercise program. This goes for any nutritional supplement for that matter. Exercise itself tends to burn fat and in my opinion these products only act as a catalyst for people already doing things right.  Each of the Enlyten products are sold only by MLM Distributors of the company.

If someone were go to to their main site and place an order without being referred by another rep, they would be randomly assigned a distributor who would take credit for that online order. They have an opportunity video on their website that discusses the MLM Compensation Plan in great detail which includes 13 revenue streams, unlimited width & depth and long-term residual income.

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