In an ever changing business world, direct marketing efforts need to be both aggressive and innovative. Even with the advances of email marketing and online advertising, traditional direct marketing methods should not be entirely discounted as irrelevant. While most companies have invested in online programs, the ones that are most successful, continue to use tangible and direct programs such as, postcard  marketing.  Highly-efficient and targetable, postcards are a secret weapon in the quest for more customers.

Below, you will see postcard advertising tips which are proven to boost the visibility and awareness of your business. This will help you design your postcard mails should you decide to do so.

1. First and foremost, take the time to plan your marketing programs. If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail. If you have a marketing team in place, plan a roundtable discussion. If you need assistance, you can hire a graphic designer to help you with your print collateral design.

2. Identify your audience. If you pressure washing or lawn care service, it’s important not to mail to apartments. Who you do not mail your postcards to are almost important as who you do mail postcards to. Understand your customer and their buying needs and wants. This way, you will be able to pattern your marketing efforts in line with these factors.

3. Make a straight offer and be direct in your language. The best thing about postcard promotions is that they are intended to be straightforward.  You only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Make it  catchy and valuable to the reader.

4. Accept the fact that the readers are impatient when it comes to business mails. As such, make your ideas simplified, direct and comprehensive.

5. Ingenuity will take you to greater heights if you do your postcard marketing the right way. Undeniably, people do not like receiving unsolicited mails, especially when the mail has the impression of something commercial. No one “wants” to be sold anything. For a good maneuver, design your postcard mails as if they are coming from a close acquaintance. If designed this way, people will be delighted to open them.

6. Your postcard campaign strategy is not intended, generally, to make a closing sale but to encourage people to visit your store or website. In short, they are used mainly for traffic generation. Anything more than that will make your postcards tedious and boring.

7. It’s very important to have a call-to-action in your postcard marketing. This means that you will not only offer them information but also to invite them to do something.

8. Connect with your audience. Make them feel like you’re only an inch away from them. In communication, connectivity is an important factor that must be capitalized on. Provide statements on a more personal level to enable them to decide that you are a provider of the solution they’d been looking for.

9. Make the most out of your postcard design. While you may have the best marketing strategy, it will still come off inadequate if the design could not even catch attention. Hire a graphic designer for your postcard marketing if you do not have one.

10. Provide an offer that cannot be refused. If you make the postcard valuable to the reader they will keep it and use it for their needs. If they don’t have a use for your offer they may share with a friend or family if it’s valuable enough. Make sure that your postcard marketing is worth something to the reader.

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