Today I am going to discuss the major problem that managers face. A good manager is that one whose monitoring power or ability is greater than others. It is difficult for a manager to monitor when he is dealing with different tasks and objectives.

So what should a manager do to monitor the Work Performance? I advise some tips to solve this problem. Project management is buzzword of today. So to meet the demands of this buzzword latest technology is required. It is very wide topic of discussion that its elaboration may render us from its theme. So I must be very objective to it. Maintain records online: Manager must keep his record online and visible to upper management that they should understand and estimate what’s going on with the targets of manager and his team.

By this way manager can keep in touch with his project everywhere and every time. I personally recommend Google Docs is best for it. Time line estimation: One can’t manage a big project individually and simultaneously. So easy way to deal with the big project is that, break the projects in small sub-project. It is easy now for project manager to handle these sub-projects. Project manager must estimate the time for every sub-project and create a timeline for them individually. So after that simply adding the small durations he can estimate the timeline for his project very easily. Be careful if there is something wrong with sub-project then project is going to fail.

This is the time when project manager should focus on sub-project so that he can save himself from big embarrassment. Graphics must be used to compare the time lines of sub-project because it gives clear representation to the success path. These are the simple tips by using which a manager can monitor the work performance.

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